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Jeanie Redick, NBC-HWC

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach


What is Group Health Coaching?

Group Coaching holds the same process and intention as individualized one to one coaching but within the safety of a small group setting.  Usually limited to 6- 8 people.  Individualized attention is not as strong as in a solo coaching relationship, but there is a dynamic of support in a group that can be magical as we learn from each other.  A community of strength is a powerful thing.

Rock Balancing

Group Health Coaching Details


Winter Series - 2 offerings 

6 weeks - one hour each week - Via Zoom

Groups will be small - Limit 6-10 people

Group #1 - Tuesdays at 10:00 am EST

January 19 - February 23, 2021

Group #2 - Thursdays at 3:00 pm EST

January 21 - February 25, 2021

Week 1

Vision and Value - what is your vision for health. What are the personal values you hold that can support your health journey?

Week 2

Complete a personal health inventory based on the Wheel of Health. Where you are and where you want to be in. What is your first step in a short term goal?

Week 3

Narrow your focus to one area you want to work on. Create a SMART goal with specific steps to get there. Discuss strengths, barriers and Plan B.


Week 4

How successful were you in your plan? What worked, What didn't? What needs tweaking? Do you want to continue in this focus area? Or start a new focus area?


Week 5

How successful were you in your plan? What worked, What didn't? What needs tweaking? Do you want to continue in this focus area? Or start a new focus area?


Week 6 - How can you keep your focus, momentum and accountability to complete your long term goals?

REGISTER TODAY! Cost is $179.00 for entire series.  A personal health inventory based on the wheel of health will get you on your path. It includes your vision for health and a self-assessment of where you are now and where you wan to be.  This will be emailed to you upon registration.

To REGISTER, please CLICK HERE to email Jeanie your details or call

(540) 777 - 0711. Please include, your name, session you are signing up for, mobile # and method of payment. (check, credit card or venmo) Jeanie will confirm your registration within 24 hrs.


How Can Group Health Coaching Help Me Reach my Goals?

Setting an intention, beginning the process of stating what and why your health is important to you is the first step.  We usually know what to do to improve our fitness and well being, we just aren't doing it.  Coming together with others that are also on a journey back to health can give you the support and accountability you may need to gain traction in your goals.


What Makes Redick Health & Wellness Group Coaching Different?

As a graduate of the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program at Duke Integrative Medicine Center, I use the Duke Integrative Health Coaching model.  We start with the Wheel of Health. This tool helps us focus and determine where we feel strong and connected and areas in our lives that feel imbalanced.  


We also identify areas in our lives where we find joy and purpose, to help leverage our successes.  We learn that Self-Care is an important first step in reaching our goals.  Mindfulness is at the center of the wheel because it helps us increase self awareness and pay attention on purpose.  


When we become more present and mindful, we can reduce stress and learn to trust the process in our journey back to health and well being.

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